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Custom Message for SSH logins

If you ever wanted to show a message anytime someone logs to your server through SSH, here you have the how-to:

You will need root access to the server.

Login as root and use your favorite editor to modify the /etc/motd file. For this example I’m using vi.

# vi /etc/motd

Now type in the message you wish all users to see once they login to your server. Lets try something like this:

If you are not an authorized user for this server
or you are a hacker trying to access confidential info, think before you type.
Maybe join the human race and refrain from hacking it?  See
“Schlindler’s List” part where the German commandant is shooting
prisoners in the prsion year “because he can”.  Schlindler tells him
“true power is in not doing evil even though you can.”
You know, no one crushed you under their boot when you were a
baby, although they certainly could have…  With great power comes great responsibility.

OK, Now you’re done editing the file, type Esc to enter command mode and then type :wq to save the changes

Logout from SSH, then log back again and you will see your custom message.

Please note that the message will be displayed AFTER people log in. If you want to show a message BEFORE, you might want to edit your sshd_config file.

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